Washington Post Projects Its Culture of Sexism and Racism

Uber's recently narrowed their search for a new CEO down to three men. The fact that the company was not hiring a female CEO angered the Washington Post. The news organization produced an article emphasizing executives should be hired on based their gender

Statements from the article include:

While it’s not yet known who will become Uber’s next chief executive — the board expects make a decision before Labor Day — the position is now likely to be filled by a white man, possibly one that hails from one of the most old-school of American industries.
In interviews, female executives and recruiters in Silicon Valley expressed frustration that Uber wasn’t going to wind up with a woman at the helm after all -- and that the pickings were so slim to begin with.
Workplace experts pointed to a phenomenon known to researchers as “the glass cliff,” in which women are more often called into corporate leadership roles in times of crisis, and are therefore subject to more criticism if companies don’t perform well.
As much as I would love to see more women chief executives, too often women get the cleanup jobs, and I’d prefer to not always see women get the cleanup jobs,” said Elizabeth Ames, senior vice president at the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology. She pointed to Marissa Mayer, who received outsized positive attention when she left her job as a Google executive to run Yahoo, and outsized negative attention when she failed to turn that company around.
Ellen Pao, who became CEO of the online discussion site Reddit during a time of tumult, was pushed out by angry Reddit users in 2015. 
One recent study found that companies with positive reputations had higher-than-average numbers of women in senior leadership roles.

This article promotes a culture of sexism.  Its main premise is that employees should be hired based on their gender. Uber is supposed to hire a CEO using gender as the main criteria. Uber also needs a chief financial officer, chief operating officer and chief marketing officer. All three positions are to be filled using gender as a hiring criteria. The news outlet also wants female executives hired after companies are already performing well. Once again, these hires are to be based on the applicant's gender. The article complains that women receive more criticism when they fail. However no evidence supporting this claim is provided. In reality, the news outlet is angered female CEO's are being judged in the same manner as male CEO's - based on their job performance.  The Post also tacitly promoted its racist idea that hiring white male managers is wrong. Lastly, the recent study  referenced by the Washington Post is a vague and arbitrary feminist index claiming companies with more female managers have better reputations. Its based on feminist dogma rather than scientific research.

Another recent Washington Post article also promoted the importance of judging people on the basis of their gender rather than the quality of their skills. The article titled  "Why these professors are warning against promoting the work of straight, white men"  focuses on two  feminists, Carrie Mott and Daniel Cockayne. The feminists argue that scholars or researchers disproportionately cite the work of white men, thereby unfairly adding credence to the body of knowledge they offer while ignoring the voices of other groups, like women and black male academics.

They stated "This important research has drawn direct attention to the continued underrepresentation and marginalization of women, people of color. … To cite narrowly, to only cite white men … or to only cite established scholars, does a disservice not only to researchers and writers who are othered by white heteromasculinism …,"  
The feminist professors claim that citing someone's work has implications on his or her ability to be hired, get promoted and obtain tenured status. The entire article emphasized that research credibility should be based on gender and race rather than accuracy and objectivity.

Both articles promote the idea people should be judged on the basis of their gender rather than knowledge or skills. Both pieces display the level of importance the newspaper places on a person's gender. Through these articles, the Washington Post is projecting its own internal culture of sexism and hate.

August 10, 2017

This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

Feminist Kathy Griffin released a photo where she is holding a fake bloodied decapitated head of President Trump.  She later apologized for the photo. Many criticized her actions, including the president's family.

 However, the violent feminist stated “I am not afraid of Donald Trump. He is a bully.”  She also accused Trump and his family of “bullying” her, and hit out at CNN, which on Wednesday fired her from its New Year’s Eve broadcast. Ironically, she stated "The death threats that I’m getting are constant and they are detailed. Today it’s me. Tomorrow, it could be you.” She said she feared for the future of her career.

Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, bullshitingly stated to CNN "Kathy never imagined it could be misinterpreted as a threat of violence against Trump. That was never what she intended," What? This VICTIMS RIGHTS lawyer claims showing a bloody decapitated picture of someone her client hates is misinterpreted as violence. Is this the best fraud Bloom could think up?

Kathy Griffin also said most of the criticism stemming from her post is because she is a women. “Cut the crap. This wouldn’t happen to a guy. … I have been living with this my whole career,” Griffin said, adding that she was used to “older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life.”

Thus, according to Griffin's narrow female chauvinist mindset she can advocate violence against others. She can show a mock decapitated head of anyone she hates.Thats not bullying. However, when others criticize her, especially the man she is advocating violence against, then she believes its sexism and bullying.

What Kathy Griffin should have done is posted her original photo with the caption: This Is What A Feminist Looks Like - Violent, Hypocritical and Sexist.

June 3, 2017

Homeless Men Aid Victims of Manchester Terrorist Attack

Homeless men in Manchester, UK are being hailed as a heroes.  Chris Parker, 33, had been begging in the Manchester Arena foyer where suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated his device, killing 22 people during an Ariane Grande concert. Amid the carnage and chaos as people began to flee the concert he rushed forward to help victims. Stephen Jones, 35, who had been sleeping on the street near the arena also ran to help deal with the gruesome aftermath.

A tearful Parker recounted: "I heard a bang and within a split second I saw a white flash, then smoke and then I heard screaming. It knocked me to the floor and then I got up and instead of running away my gut instinct was to run back and try and help," There was people lying on the floor everywhere." I saw a little girl... she had no legs. I wrapped her in one of the merchandise T-shirts and I said 'where is your mum and daddy?' She said: 'my dad is at work, my mum is up there'." He said he thought the mother had died.

Jones, a former bricklayer who has been sleeping outside for more than a year, recalled wiping blood from children's eyes after dashing to help. "It was a lot of children with blood all over them, crying and screaming," he told ITV television. "We were having to pull nails out of their arms and a couple out of this little girl's face." Jones said it was "just instinct" to help. "If I didn't help I wouldn't be able to live with myself walking away and leaving kids like that," he said.

Meanwhile wealthy singer, Ariane Grande fled the scene, abandoning her young fans to their fate.

Yet feminist politicians in Britain and the US continually step on homeless men. Politicians such as Sarah Champion,  Sophie Walker, Dianne Feinstein, Kristen Gillabrand demand more financial resources be diverted into programs exclusively for women. Programs such as UK Government funding for  women and girls,  Stopping violence against only women  and Women Owned Small Businesses (U.S.)   Manchester even offers a program exclusively  for homeless women.

Meanwhile, homeless men such as Parker and Jones receive virtually nothing.

Financial aid should be based on economic need NOT gender. Fortunately, UK citizens have chosen to bypass the nitwit sexist politicians. An online fundraiser created by Manchester resident Michael Johns has raised around $52000 for Chris Parker. A separate fundraiser, created by local resident Diane Moore has raised almost $35,000 for Stephen Jones.

May 24, 2017