Wives Cheat So They Can Keep Their Marriage Intact, Claims CNN Article

CNN recently published an article titled 'The changing reasons why women cheat on their husbands'.  The article claims wives cheat as a way to stay in their marriage.

Its author, Kim Brooks, writes:
 "I began to wonder how many of my friends were actually faithful to their husbands. From a distance, they seemed happy enough, or at least content. Then one day, one of them confided in me she'd been having two overlapping affairs over the course of five years."
This wife was not only cheating on her husband but also her boyfriend too. Yep - definitely a reliable, high quality women (said sarcastically).

Brooks continued:
"Almost before I'd finished processing this, another friend told me she was 100 percent faithful to her husband, except when she was out of town for work each month."
"What surprised me most about these conversations was not that my friends were cheating, but that many of them were so nonchalant in the way they described their extramarital adventures. "
"Often, they loved their husbands, but felt in some fundamental way that their needs (sexual, emotional, psychological) were not being met inside the marriage. Some even wondered if their husbands knew about their infidelity, choosing to look away."
The journalist is claiming when a married woman cheats, it’s her husband’s fault.  He failed in some manner. The married woman, a grown adult, is not responsible for her actions.

The journalist then states:
"The fact is," one of these friends told me, "I'm nicer to my husband when I have something special going on that's just for me." She found that she was kinder, more patient, less resentful, "less of a bitch." 
This seems like narcissistic reasoning from a self-centered wife.

Brooks goes on:
"It occurred to me as I listened that these women were describing infidelity not as a transgression but a creative or even subversive act, a protest against an institution they'd come to experience as suffocating or oppressive. In an earlier generation, this might have taken the form of separation or divorce, but now, it seemed, more and more women were unwilling to abandon the marriages and families they'd built over years or decades. They were also unwilling to bear the stigma of a publicly open marriage or to go through the effort of negotiating such a complex arrangement. "
"These women were turning to infidelity not as a way to explode a marriage, but as a way to stay in it. Whereas conventional narratives of female infidelity so often posit the unfaithful woman as a passive party, the women I talked to seemed in control of their own transgressions. There seemed to be something new about this approach."
In otherwords, the unfaithful wives wanted to remain married. However they did not want an open marriage because that would require equality & respect for their husband. Rather, the wives wanted a marriage where they could abuse and mistreat their husband. They wanted to cheat while still demanding he remain faithful. It’s called exploitation. There is nothing new about it.

The CNN article then references a book titled 'In The Secret Life of the Cheating Wife: Power, Pragmatism, and Pleasure in Women's Infidelity' by Alicia Walker.
"sociologist Alicia Walker elaborates on the concept of female infidelity as a subversion of traditional gender roles." 
"Many of the women Walker interviewed were in marriages that were functional. Like the women I knew who cheated, many of the interviewees said they liked their husbands well enough. They had property together. They had friendships together. They had children that they were working together to raise.
"But at the same time, they found married life incredibly dull and constraining and resented the fact that as women, they felt they consistently did a disproportionate amount of the invisible labor that went into maintaining their lifestyle."
Walker calculates 'a disproportionate amount of labor' only from the wife's perspective. A husband's perspective is deemed irrelevant. Walker also claims a married woman’s infidelity is her husband's fault. He did not meet his wife's demands or failed in some other manner. Walker describes infidelity as a 'secret defiance of the expectations of marriage'. However, her sexist description only applies when the wife cheats. It is not applicable for cheating husbands.

CNN's article concludes:
"I think there's an incredible amount of deep resentment for women in America about divisions of labor," said sociologist Lisa Wade. "We now tell women that they can have it all, that they can work and have a family and deserve to be sexually satisfied. And then when having it all is miserable and overwhelming or they realize marriage isn't all it's cracked it up to be, maybe having affairs is the new plan B."
[Kim Brooks concluded] "Maybe these women were on to something -- valuing their marriages for the things it could offer and outsourcing the rest, accepting the distance between the idealization and the actual thing, seeing marriage clearly for what it is and not what we're all told and promised it will be.
CNN is promoting the exploitation of husbands. Their article advocates fraud, lies and mistreatment toward married men. Neither CNN, nor Brooks, nor Walker, nor Wade find it acceptable for husbands to 'value their marriages for the things it could offer and outsource the rest'. Outsourcing is strictly for wives. Additionally, a cheating double standard is being advocated. Husbands are blamed for their wives cheating. Married women are not held accountable for their actions.  Yet, CNN previously published an article titled "Husbands of female breadwinners most at risk for cheating, says study".
Nowhere in that article was a husband's cheating blamed on his wife.

It should be no surprise many younger men are not interested in becoming husbands. During the past three decades, the American marriage rate has been falling and has recently reached a historic low. Bloomberg News reports the rate is forecasted to continue falling (see chart below).

Why should men get married when a national news organization is advocating the exploitation of husbands? Why should men become husbands when a major network is promoting a cheating double standard? Why should American men get married when paternity fraud remains legal in most states? CNN's nationwide promotion of abuse is an example of why men increasingly remain single.

November 14, 2017

Feminists Oppose Changing College Rape Investigation Guidelines

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recently announced her Department is rescinding the 2011 Dear Colleague letter. This letter issued guidelines on how schools should handle sexual assault cases under Title IX law — or risk losing federal funds. The 2011 guidelines instructed colleges use the lowest standard of proof, “preponderance of the evidence,” when deciding whether a student is guilty of sexual assault.  That standard meant there was a 50.1% possibility a sexual assault occurred. Whether an assault actually occurred or the incident was a false accusation made no difference to college administrators. Accused male students were often expelled.

DeVos said colleges were free to abandon the 2011 standard and raise it to a higher standard known as “clear and convincing evidence.” Additionally, after a public input period lasting several months, DeVos will issue new investigation rules.

Feminists immediately voiced opposition against changing the 2011 standards.

Feminist Senator Patty Murry stated DeVos's decision "may cause survivors of sexual assault to go back into the shadows, allowing predators to continue to roam college campuses and the epidemic of college sexual assault to spread".  The Senator then recommended 6 steps which would provide support for campus sexual assault survivors. The steps include maintaining the 2011 standards.

Another feminist politician, Senator Dianne Feinstein stated "DeVos is putting rights of the accused above those of sexual assault victims. Absolutely unconscionable."

A Senator from New York, staunch feminist Kristen Gillbrand, said "This betrays students. Betsy DeVos should be doing everything she can to make Title IX enforcement stronger."  and ".Let’s fight back to make sure Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education do not turn their backs on survivors of campus sexual assault."  She then penned an extensive article  for Cosmopolitan Magazine defending the 2011  “preponderance of the evidence” standard claiming it already protects accused students’ rights.

The feminist organization 'The National Women's Law Center' issued a statement:  "This interim guidance will have a devastating impact on students and schools. It will discourage students from reporting assaults, create uncertainty for schools on how to follow the law, and make campuses less safe. This misguided directive is a huge step back to a time when sexual assault was a secret that was swept under the rug. Hundreds of thousands of parents, students, alumnae, and school officials know what’s at risk and have strongly urged the department to keep the [2011] guidance in place. It’s reckless to ignore these voices."

The National Organization of Women (NOW) categorized male students accused of rape as a "privileged" group. NOW also stated "Because of this callous decision, students are now at risk of losing tools that provided a path to justice–access to Title IX coordinators, and an Office of Civil Rights that listened."

Lastly, The Feminist Majority Foundation condemned Devos's proposed changes stating:
"The Feminist Majority Foundation condemns the heartless statements of Secretary Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education today that attack Title IX as we know it and threaten crucial guidelines that protect survivors of sexual violence. We’re calling on college administrators to oppose Secretary DeVos’ baseless approach to addressing campus sexual violence."

Feminists are strongly against changing the 2011 “preponderance of the evidence" standard. They have no problem with false rape accusations against male students. They are not interested in establishing guilt based on clear evidence. They aren't interested in being fair to everyone. Instead, feminist are interested in maintaining an investigation procedure requiring minimal evidence of guilt. They are interested in keeping a system where truth and fact are based on gender. Women are presumed truthful. Accused men are presumed liars.

Feminists are assuming accused male students are guilty of sexual assault. Feminists are judging students on the basis of their gender rather than their actions.

Feminism IS sexism.

It is hoped Betsy Devos can create an investigation procedure which judges students solely on the basis of their actions. Feminists, however, have other ideas. They plan on fighting Devos and any campus reforms she initiates.

October 18, 2017

False Rape Accusations Levied Against TV Host

Charles Payne, host of “Making Money” on Fox Business and Scottie Nell Hughes, a political commentator, had a 2 year long sexual affair. Both were married and cheating on their spouses. Mrs. Hughes ended their affair in 2015.

Two years later, she accused Payne of sexual harassment including being coerced into a 2 year sexual relationship with him. Payne was subsequently suspended in July 2017, while the network investigated her allegation. Payne, acknowledged what he described as a two-year “romantic relationship” from 2013 - 2015 but denied any harassment had occurred.  Mrs. Hughes claims she was blackballed from the network after she ended the affair and later reported Payne to top executives at Fox News claiming sexual misconduct. Mrs. Hughes was never an employee of Fox News, but appeared as a guest across on numerous Fox News and Fox Business Network programs with the hope of becoming a paid contributor. She worked as a paid contributor at CNN during the 2016 presidential election. Her contract with CNN ended this past January.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Mrs. Hughes told her lawyer, that she stayed in the relationship with Payne because she believed he would help her chances of landing a position at Fox network.

After Fox completed its investigation, Payne returned to the network in early September. On September 18, Hughes and her attorneys, Douglas Wigdor and Jeanne M. Christensen, filed a lawsuit against Fox News and Payne, alleging that Payne raped her over a 2 year period from 2013 - 2015.

In her lawsuit, Mrs. Hughes said that Mr. Payne had “pressured” his way into her hotel room in July 2013 and coerced her to have sexual intercourse with him, even though she had refused his advances. She said that over the next two years she was forced to engage in a sexual relationship with Mr. Payne.  In exchange, she said, she received career opportunities, including increased appearances on Fox News and Fox Business and the promise that Mr. Payne would help her land a contributor contract, a job that can pay several hundred thousand dollars a year.

Mrs. Hughes claim of being forced to have sex with another man over a 2 year period seems a complete farce. Nobody put a gun to her head. Nobody tied her down. Nobody threatened to punch her. Nobody drugged her. Nobody forced her to drink alcohol. Mrs. Hughes was free to say 'NO' at anytime over a 2 year period. Her judgement was not impaired. She was a grown adult in charge of her own decisions.

This is not rape. Instead, its a backstabbing wife claiming her cheating and lying is not her fault. This is a wife who advanced her career by hurting her family. This is a wife being self centered.

Perhaps the fraudulent rape lawsuit against Payne - a member of the media - will make journalists reconsider their biased reporting about college rape investigation guidelines. Too often, journalists undermine issues of false rape allegations.

Biased media reporting such as this Associated Press / PBS article discussing possible changes to college sexual assault investigation guidelines is common.  The article includes assistant secretary for civil rights Candice Jackson's flippant comment "90%" of sexual assault accusations [on college campuses] fall into the category of, We were both drunk' & her subsequent apology saying she did not mean to diminish anyone's sexual violence  experience. The article also included the hypocritical statement by feminist Senator Patty Murray claiming Jackson's comment shows the Office of Civil rights "is not prepared to take accounts from [sexual assault] survivors seriously". In fact, since the 2011 "Dear Colleague” letter, the Office of Civil rights has not taken statements from the accused seriously. Neither have colleges. Neither has Senator Murray. The Associated Press / PBS article concludes by giving an example of sexual assault at Baylor University but ignores examples of false rape such as the fraudulent University of Virginia rape case.

The Associated Press and PBS give readers the impression that problems with fraudulent rape accusations are overstated therefore current guidelines should not be changed. This is not objective reporting.

Journalists should realize the lenient standards of guilt they support against male students can also be used against the media. If a media employee like Charles Payne can be falsely accused, then journalists are equally vulnerable whether they work for Fox News, ABC News or CNN.

The rape allegations against Charles Payne are ridiculous. If found liable, it means grown adult women are not accountable for their actions.

October 5, 2017